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Xur location and items from 14 February: Where is the snake-faced bastard this week?

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Destiny 2's travelling salesman is back with more exotic wares to delight, and let's be real, disappoint eager guardians. This week Xur is posted up in the Watcher's Grave area of Nessus. Spawn in, head forwards, and you'll find him relaxing on the top deck of the floating barge. 

Reminder: Xur's main use these days is as a way for new players to catch up with exotics, but also bear in mind that the armor pieces he sells come with a low stat roll—it's actually the same roll as the copies you can pull from your collections tab. 

You can also buy the exotic engram he offers, which costs 97 Legendary Shards and will contain a random exotic weapon or armor piece that your current character has not unlocked. 

Note that if engram drops an armor piece, then it will have a good stat roll. Also note that if you've unlocked everything on that character, then it definitely will be an armor piece (as there would be no benefit from acquiring duplicate exotic weapons, given that they have identical stats). I usually roll the dice each week. 

If you happen to be new to Destiny 2, check out our beginner's guide to help get started.

(Image credit: Bungie)

Xur sells one specific armor piece for each class, at 23 Legendary Shards, and an exotic weapon for 29 Legendary shards. Xur is open for business from 8:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST / 3:00 pm GMT, and leaves when the game resets on Tuesday. Here's what he has this week.

(Image credit: Bungie)

Tractor Cannon (shotgun) — definitely buy

Affectionately known as the 'Boop Cannon' to its advocates, this is a void shotgun which sits in the heavy slot. It's primary use is as a debuffer on demand, making it perfect for group play such as raids or the Sundial. Pop an enemy with the Tractor Cannon and for a few seconds after all incoming damage to that target will be increased by 30% (50% in PvP). That makes it perfect for amping up your team's DPS against bosses, but Tractor Cannon also has additional benefits. The most notable of these is the sizeable knock-back effect it applies to enemies, which sends all but the beefiest flying. 

Kills also with Tractor Cannon will also proc a secondary perk called 'The Scientific Method' which grants a temporary boost to speed and weapon handling. And that's where Tractor Cannon's secondary use starts to shine: as probably the greatest meme weapon in the game. Running around 'booping' targets is just a good time. The fact the gun is actually quite potent is merely the glacé grenade on top of a delicious dish. Believe in the boop.

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Starfire Protocol (Warlock chest) — maybe buy 

I've got something of a soft spot for these robes, which were a mainstay of Sunsinger builds in Destiny 1. The signature perk is called Fusion Harness, and in addition to granting an extra fusion grenade, it also recharges those grenades lightning fast as you notch kills while empowered. Empowerment is easy to achieve on middle tree solar warlock—you just stand in a corresponding rift or land a charged melee blow. There's more that Starfire does, too: fusion grenade kills grant bonus rift energy, which creates a nice synergistic circle whereby you're using your rift to charge your 'nades which then charge your rifts.

On middle tree your 'nades can also be toggled into being healing orbs, making Starfire Protocol a useful piece of kit if you're looking to create a support-focused build. So why don't you see this chest piece used much? The truth is, if you're looking to spam 'nades, Sunbracers are insanely strong and still my go to, especially on top tree where they pair beautifully with the new ranged melee. But if you try Starfire Protocol today, check out this video by Ehroar showing how to get the most out of its abilities. Note that the Distribution mod no longer stacks as it did when he made this, but otherwise the build is still very solid. Oh, and throw on the Mercury Vex Chrome shader. It'll make you look like a cenobite from Hellraiser. You're welcome.

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Wormgod Caress (Titan gloves) — definitely buy  

Despite being decidedly ungodly in the looks department, these gauntlets are S-tier when it comes to handing out fiery beatdowns. Which means they should be on any self-respecting Titan's shopping list. The signature perk reads: "Melee kills increase melee damage for a period of time. Additional kills extend duration and increase effects." No surprise that they pair best with middle tree solar titan, which has a powerful ranged melee attack in the form of a molten hammer. Because you can pick up the little hammer after each throw to refresh the ability, it makes it trivial to build up multiple stacks of Wormgod Caress's damage buff. The synergy extends further too because this subclass also has the Roaring Flames ability, which reads: "Kills with your solar abilities increase those abilities' damage. Stacks up to three times." So essentially you're double dipping on extra damage with each hammer hit, which can lead to bosses being melted in a couple of throws. 

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Dragon's Shadow (Hunter chest) — buy, buy, buy!  

Bold claim incoming: this is the best exotic available to all Hunter subclasses, and has a strong shout for being the best armour piece in the game. Dragon's Shadow makes a massive improvement to your 'neutral game', which is to say all the stuff you're doing when you're not using your super or other space magic abilities. The signature perk is built around dodging, which triggers an effect called 'Wraithmetal Mail'. This both reloads all your weapons instantly (repeat: all of them), and gives you a speed boost, and makes your weapons ready and reload ultra-fast. 

Because the frequency with which you can use your dodge is now tied to the mobility stat, it's actually easy to have Wraithmetal Mail up almost all the time. The effect is addictive: you'll be drunk on how snappy and agile your character feels, making it hard to enjoy any other exotic as much. Yes, stuff like Celestial Nighthawk and Orpheus Rig offer bigger benefits to their respective classes, but these are situational boosts whereas Dragon's Shadow is doing good stuff all the goddamn time. Spend your shards and thank me later. Oh, and remember to switch to Gambler's Dodge so you also get free melee charges. Is there anything it can't do?

As an inveterate Hearthstone addict, Tim spends most of his time trying to explain why all Priest players are degenerates. The rest of his day is spent playing Destiny 2. Seriously, he's on it right now.