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World of Warships shots show ships, scenery, suspiciously little war

Can you picture what an entire world of warships would actually be like? Would they remain at sea, or would the great steel behemoths encroach upon the now-empty land - would they evolve to grow legs? These and other hypothetical questions are now moot, thanks to a series of screenshots that show exactly what a world of warships would be like. It would be like World of Warships , obviously, the next campaign in's global conquest of the free-to-play space. WoW (not that WoW) swaps tanks for sea-tanks - also known as ships - and you can see some of these in in-action below. See you on the port (or is it starboard?) side of the break.

Admittedly these are not the most exciting images in the world, but they do show off the pleasant scenery and attention-to-detail of the deadly warships, which will soon be blasting other vessels to kingdom come, in the MMO based on twentieth century naval battles. World of Warships is currently still docked in's expansive harbour, but it will be set loose upon the seven seas sometime this year.

While you wait, why not pass the time with our giant guide to's current mega-hit, World of Tanks? You know, if you're a fan of land-ships - also known as tanks.