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World of Tanks celebrates 60 million registered users with explosive CGI spectacle

The normal reaction to a CGI trailer is to express mild annoyance that you're not seeing real in-game footage. But we already have loads of in-game footage for World of Tanks . Because it's out. So why this lavish, cinematic spectacle? It's because have just announced 60 million registered users and, presumably, when that many people are playing your game, you can afford to splash out on frivolous promotion.

Okay, I suddenly have an intense urge to play Red Alert.

As always, "registered players" is a bit of a misleading figure, in so much as it's a very different metric to "active players". While that exact number is unknown, back in December last year, when the game was at 45 million registered users, an infographic revealed a concurrent peak of 617,000.

We'll likely be hearing more from Wargaming over E3, where they've secured a 10,000 square foot booth in which to provide more details on World of Tanks, along with the upcoming World of Warplanes and World of Warships.

Phil Savage
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