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Wildstar devs pledge to release less buggy content drops


One of the perils of MMO development is balancing workload with demand for new content. We are very content hungry. When some of us wake in the morning our yawns sound like “mmooar (content)”. Carbine Studios was determined to meet this demand when it launched Wildstar proper back in June, but their eagerness to get new stuff out quickly inevitably resulted in bugs.

Well, not anymore. The studio has pledged to hold back content until it is well and truly ready. No doubt this was intention to begin with, but they are only human after all. “We feel we can accomplish this on a quarterly basis, with one caveat,” the studio writes in a new blog. “If it's not ready, we'll hold it until it is. This doesn’t mean we won’t have other activities available to experience on a more regular basis, we’re just taking the necessary time to get the major drops right."

As per previous announcements Megaservers are coming as well, though no further indication was given regarding a roll out date. The studio reiterated why it has selected to make the move, citing "greater participation in PvP and PvE" and "more players for guild recruitment".

"You’ll see more player based trading and a busy auction house and commodity exchange. We want players playing together, so this strikes us as the best approach to address the sparsely populated realms," the blog reads.

The studio also outlines some of the tweaks and fixes it will address in the near future. These include tweaks to raids, Elder game itemization and some changes to PvP. Check out the full rundown on the blog.

Shaun Prescott
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