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WD's portable 4TB Elements hard drive is on sale for $95

Backing up data is not exactly fun or glamorous, but it can sure save you a headache down the line. It's also relatively cheap, in the grand scheme of things. Case in point, WD's external 4TB Elements drive is on sale for $100 at Newegg and Amazon, though Newegg is also offering a $5 discount with promo code EMCSBCBC3, knocking the price down to $95.

As an interesting side note, the 4TB WD Blue that's used in the Elements goes for $110 on its own right now. So the price is $15 lower and you get an external USB enclosure as a bonus.

The Elements drive is bulkier (physically) than the WD Passport, our top choice among high-capacity portable HDDs. It measures 165.8mm (H) x 135mm (D) x 48mm (W), versus 21.5mm (H) x 81.5mm (D) x 110mm (W). That's because it uses a 3.5-inch HDD instead of a 2.5-inch model.

The other difference is that it doesn't come with WD's automatic backup software, whereas the Passport does. Otherwise, both the Elements and Passport have a USB 3.0 interface and are plug-and-play. If you prefer the 4TB Passport over the 4TB Elements, that one is also on sale, marked down to $109 from $130. It comes in various color options, though not all of them are discounted.

Yet another option that is on sale is WD's 2TB EasyStore. Best Buy has it listed for $60, down from $130. This one also has a USB 3.0 interface, and like the Passport, it comes with automatic backup software. It's also sleeker than the other two, measuring 20.3mm (H) x 109.22mm (D) x 81.28mm (W).

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