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Warsaw looks like a World War 2 Darkest Dungeon

Warsaw is a 2D turn-based tactical RPG set during World War 2. With a ragtag group of "accidental heroes" you can fight Nazis and attempt to liberate the city. Despite a very different setting, screenshots call to mind Darkest Dungeon, from the character art to how the game displays attacks. Check out the reveal trailer above. It's a bit grim, though. 

From the safety of your shelter you'll be able to recruit an underground army and plan your urban war, sending teams out to patrol, hunt down Nazis and scavenge for supplies and weapons to better equip your band of rebels. You might find other people and groups out there, surviving on their own, who can lend a hand, joining your band.

The management side sounds closer to something like This War of Mine, where the focus was survival and protecting your home, not fighting. But in Warsaw, it looks like there will be plenty of both.

Your new pals will have classes—from medics to angry flamethrower guys—with unique skills that they can used in the turn-based battles, which let you use cover, flanking and skill combos. The enemy is lot better armed, so it probably won't be a walk in the park.

Warsaw is due out later this year.

Fraser Brown
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