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Valorant will soon let players surrender early in a match

(Image credit: Riot Games)

In the first edition of Riot's Ask Valorant blog post series, the developer announced that patch 1.02 is bringing a much-needed feature for when all hope is lost—match surrender.

We've all been there. Your team is 10 rounds behind, the enemy is approaching match point, and you just want to be done with a crappy game already. Surrendering can be great for relieving a headache, especially when in-game communication is getting toxic. 

Some might say that players should just have to persist through a discouraging match, but surrendering has more practical uses too. If a teammate has to leave for a pressing issue or abandons the game without a word, it's useful to have the option to throw in the towel and jump in another game.

Riot didn't share any specifics about how the feature will work—that's coming in the 1.02 patch notes. One detail that needs clarification is if surrendering will cancel out MMR gains and losses in the event of an abandon. It can be frustrating to rank down simply because you were a teammate short, so I hope this feature can alleviate that.

Riot has given no clear release date for patch 1.02, but game director Joe Ziegler tweeted that Valorant's ranked mode is likely coming this week. The Ask Valorant post also clarifies that Competitive is included in 1.02, so we can assume the entire patch is dropping this week as well.

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