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Transverse crowdfunding campaign shut down due to lack of support


Mechwarrior Online studio Piranha Games has shut down its crowdfunding campaign for space MMO Transverse, following promises last month that it would do so if the campaign failed to gain traction. All who contributed to the campaign will be refunded, the studio announced today.

"It’s a bitter sweet day," reads the announcement on the studio's website. "Thank you for taking a chance and showing us that you are interested in seeing our vision come to life.

"As you can see, the velocity of our crowdfunding campaign never gained the momentum needed to bring Transverse to life as a community funded concept. We are going to shut down our funding today, ahead of the 30 day deadline and begin the process of refunding as promised."

Tranverse's announcement was met with criticism due to claims that Mechwarrior Online was released in an incomplete state and is in need of more attention. This prompted Piranha co-founder Russ Bullock to comment on the concerns last month. At that time, with 24 days left in Transverse's crowdfunding campaign, only $8000 of the required $500,000 had been raised.

Transverse promised to be an aircraft-oriented sci-fi MMORPG. Andy Chalk wrote that it was to be "set in a distant part of the galaxy where humanity has transcended mortality, and the players control everything."

Shaun Prescott
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