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Total War: Rome 2 official mod tools now in open beta

Total War: Rome 2 has had Steam Workshop support since last October , but mod-makers have had to cobble together their tweaks and edits through community made tools, bits of string and frequent swearing. Now, though, Creative Assembly are providing their Assembly Kit as an open beta to community creators, giving them the chance to try out the official suite of tools before their upcoming full release.

"Following the successful launch of the Steam Workshop for ROME II," announces the Total War wiki , "we are pleased to release version one of the Assembly Kit for ROME II. The Assembly Kit is currently in Beta, and its feature-set will expand over time. If you have any questions or find any bugs to report, please visit the official forums here ."

As with the Shogun 2 Assembly Kit, the Rome 2 open beta can be accessed through your Steam library's Tools section. Creative Assembly claim that they'll be adding documentation and guides over the coming weeks, providing a complete run-down of the kit's functionality. For more information on the tools available, head to the Assembly Kit section of the Total War wiki.

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