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This Fall Guys Sonic costume is deeply disrespectful

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Everyone wants a piece of Fall Guys at the moment, and Sega's the latest to dip its hands into the bean juice. Sonic, always on the cutting edge, will be making his Fall Guys debut—or at least his skin—very soon.

Come tomorrow, you'll be able to buy a Sonic costume—five crowns for the top, and five for the bottom—and then wear the flesh of a hedgehog. Wearing someone's skin could be considered a sign of respect, I guess, but draping it over a clumsy bean besmirches Sonic's hard-won reputation as the fastest and most nimble of all hedgehogs.

I can't deny, however, that it's nice to see a version of Sonic that looks more like me, instead of the traditional idealised and frankly unobtainable version of how a human or anthropomorphic hedgehog should look. 

If you absolutely must see a round Sonic flailing around and falling over before the costume appears on October 14, Mediatonic and Sega showed it off in a livestream

Fraser Brown
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