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The Indie Buskers return with a new bundle of wonderfully inventive games

Back in March we doffed our caps at the Indie Buskers, a group of developers that asked the public (yes, including you, Dave) for ideas, before turning the most popular into actual games over a 48-hour period. Well, they've only gone and done it again over the weekend, creating such gems as Diplomatic Doom, Phone Phantom, and the novel stealth game Sneaky Brats, details of which lie after the break.

There are six games currently available in the bundle, including Friedrich Hanisch's HATESNAKE3D ("You're a space-snake in a box"), McPixel developer Sos's electreus ("My bones? Your bones! Bones' Bones? Bones bones bones..."), Sophie Houlden's Phone Phantom ("Use telephones to call customer service hotlines. If you can navigate past the robots to an actual human you can possess them!"), and of course Cardinal Quest dev Ido Yehieli's Diplomatic Doom, which finally lets you "talk to the monsters".

As for the other two, Phil Hassey's DandyDan is a game about a dandy building a hedge (naturally), while Mike Hommel's Sneaky Bandits is a "stealth game in which putting your hands over your eyes really does make you invisible." The seventh game, Space Brawl, was temporarily called off due to ill health, but developer Pekka Kujansuu plans to finish it this Sunday.

Every one of these ideas was submitted by the crowd, and once again it's resulted in some truly inventive, beautifully weird games that would never have existed otherwise. You can buy the Indie Buskers 2 bundle for a minimum of 1 Euro, but have a look at this marvellous trailer first:

[Thanks to RPS for spotting this inspiring collection.]