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The Elder Scrolls Online creative director quits to join Gearbox


"This Could Be You" reads the above image that was used to advertise new positions at Gearbox—but it's not you, in this instance, it's Paul Sage. Who's Paul Sage? Paul Sage was the creative director of The Elder Scrolls Online, but he's left just, mere weeks after the console launch of that game, to join Gearbox.

Obviously TESO isn't suddenly going to collapse and shut up shop, but it's not an encouraging sign for the MMO that recently went free-to-play. As Eurogamer note, TESO's lead gameplay designer Nicholas Konkle left the team back in April, to join LoL developers Riot Games.

Is Sage going to be working on Borderlands 3? And if so, does that mean it will feature more MMO elements? We could speculate all day. Meanwhile, TESO continues to be updated—and it's come on a long way since launch.