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The Cat Machine is a puzzle game about logic and cats

The Cat Machine

The Cat Machine is a logic puzzle game, but with cats. As such, it's a game about questions. Questions like: how come cats, an animal notorious for their lack of obedience, are sitting quietly as they're transported via rails for processing? And also: what sort of machine requires this many cats?

Your job is to build a series of rails for the train of cats to travel across. If multiple paths are presented, the train's route is defined by the colour of the lead cat—the train needing a rail of the corresponding colour to continue. Through this, you can build logic circuits that let you filter out the cats and complete the puzzle.

You can see that happening in this trailer:

It reminds me a bit of the logic circuits of SpaceChem, albeit slightly less complex and also with cats.

The Cat Machine is currently up for approval on Steam Greenlight. It's due to be released within the next couple of months.

Phil Savage
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