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Star Wars: Battlefront alpha details and videos leak all over the internet

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront closed alpha testing begins today. The way we know this is that videos of the upcoming shooter have leaked all over everywhere, despite EA's best efforts to mop up the resulting mess.

Here, for instance, via the cheeky scamps at All Games Beta, are a few such videos:

And here's one from YouTube:

Of course, all of these are liable to disappear at any moment, as EA does its best to control the flow of information. What they won't be able to remove is the details being mined and posted to places like NeoGAF. There you can find lists of the weapons and vehicles included in the alpha.

By the sounds of it, Twitch users attempting to stream the alpha are having their access revoked mid-broadcast—the publication of such footage being a breach of the NDA agreement that accompanies closed alpha acceptance. Those poor, poor Bothans.

Phil Savage
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