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Rainbow Six Siege's scrappy recoil system is getting revamped again

Ubisoft has been iterating on its Rainbow Six Siege recoil system for a while now, but according to a new blogpost, it looks like the studio has finally hit the nail on the head. The problem involves automatic weapons and the occasional instance of bullets not hitting where the reticule is aimed. Basically, recoil should throw your aim off, but the bullet should always hit where that reticule is, whether you want it there or not.

The changes, which will go live during the next test on Siege's Test Server, is all about precision, but it's also about ensuring fluke headshots are less common. "...we have moved away from predictable recoil patterns, and found another solution that does not involve predictable recoil," the blogpost reads.

"With this new direction, we have made an effort to ensure that each weapon feels as close to the original recoil as possible. We have worked hard at trying to match the unique shooting feel of Siege by firing tens of thousands of bullets and switching back and forth between the two systems, alternating between the two and iterating to bring the new recoils closer to their live counterpart."

For a fairly comprehensive look at both the original recoil system and its ensuing (soon to be nixed) replacement, Andy has you sorted. As for the new recoil system, it'll be playable on the Test Servers from March 28 until 30. There's a handy video of the changes over on the Ubiosoft blog.

Shaun Prescott
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