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Rainbow Six Siege's season four content featured in two new videos

Rainbow Six Siege will gets its fifth and final content drop later this year in the form of Red Crow, which focuses on the Japanese Special Assault Team. The update will add two new operators in the form of Hibana and Echo (we know this, because it leaked last week), as well as the Skyscraper map, which – naturally enough – takes place in a large building somewhere in Japan.

Ubisoft is rolling out the info slowly this time around, culminating in a live Twitch demo on November 12 and 13. In the meantime, the studio has detailed Hibana – an offense character who wields a SuperNova and Type-89 as her primary weapons, and the PM9 and P229 as secondaries. Her special ability won't be revealed until the stream, but if the video below is any indication, it looks like she'll be able to blow oversized holes in the wall.

As for the map, the video provided is a little more insightful. According to art director Gregory Fromenteau, "You are mobilized to neutralize an organized crime threat within a Yakuza-filled mansion high above the streets of Nagoya. There is a faction within the Higasiyama-gumi that rebels against their leader, which triggers terrible violence.”

Also of note, is a new caliber-based destruction system which will be introduced by the free update. "The impact zone and fragility sphere are now weapon-specific, which means stronger calibers will create bigger bullet holes and generate larger impulses," reads Ubisoft's notes. "This will create an even more realistic experience with the destructibility of the environment."

Shaun Prescott
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