Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Red Crow adds a pair of Japanese operators

Ubisoft has confirmed that the Rainbow Six Siege expansion teased earlier this week is called Operation Red Crow. More interestingly, a handful of Redditors who believe that NDAs are for chumps have revealed that it is set in Japan, and will feature two new operators named Echo and Hibana. 

Neither character has an official description, but Echo is carrying some kind of cross between an Ono-Sendai cyberdeck and an old-school boombox, while Hibana packs what appears to be an EMP weapon of some sort—I'm guessing that those are huge capacitors sticking out of the side (and not goo cylinders, which was my first impression), and the exposed wires give it the distinct look of a gun that goes "zap." Also, Hibana translates to "spark," which is a pretty big hint in its own right. 

I do find myself wondering how closely their outfits conform to real Japanese special forces uniforms, but I guess if German Super-Group 9 can come to the party wearing pink sneakers and old jeans, these guys can have a little dress code leeway too. Ubisoft said details about Operation Red Crow will be revealed later this week

Andy Chalk

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