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Philips is preparing a 32-inch 8K resolution monitor for 2018

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We are still waiting for a 4K monitor to emerge that ticks all the rights boxes in terms of features we would like to see supported. While we are waiting, Philips is looking ahead to the eventual jump to 8K with its 328P8K, a new professional grade monitor that has a 7680x4230 resolution panel, Anandtech reports.

As the model name suggests, the 328P8K is a 32-inch class (31.5-inch panel) monitor. It is not aimed at gamers, but graphics designers and other professionals who might benefit from having so many pixels crammed onto a single display.

Not to worry though, if you just purchased a 4K monitor (or even a 1440p display), there is no call for buyer's remorse here. It's not like today's GPUs have enough horsepower to push a high-end gaming experience at 7680x4230. And if you're looking for G-Sync support, you won't find it here. The presumed 60Hz refresh rate is pretty underwhelming, too.

What this monitor does have going for it other than being one of just two mass produced 8K monitors (Dell's UltraSharp UP3218K being the other) is high color accuracy—it offers 100 percent coverage of the Adobe RGB and sRGB color spaces. It also offers generous viewing angles at 178 degrees (horizontal and vertical).

Philips is also pushing the HDR angle with "HDR 400" support, but while the monitor's 400 nits brightness meets AMD's minimum requirement for FreeSync 2 HDR, it's far below the peak 1,000 nits that the HDR10 spec shoots for.

As for connectors, the 328P8K is outfitted with two DisplayPort 1.3 ports. It also has a USB-A port and a USB-C port "allowing USB-C docking and simultaneous notebook charging," along with a built-in webcam and two 3W speakers.

Pricing has not been announced, though as a point of reference, Dell's UP3218K sells for $3,900.

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