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Path of Exile leaves beta today, adds new class and challenge leagues

Free-to-play action RPG Path of Exile will emerge blinking from the beta dungeon later today, its bugs slain and features looted. With the game levelling up to v1.0, developers Grinding Gear will be dramatically expanding the game, adding a new class, areas and enemies, and new challenge leagues for those players looking for some advanced mouse-driven biffing.

The new class - the Scion - is only available to players who've completed the game on normal difficulty. She's a customisable class - positioned to allow players to spec her in any direction, but lacking the bonuses that the specialised characters can provide.

The four-month challenge leagues are named Domination and Nemesis, and give players a fresh start in a world with a specific set of rules. Domination is based around spawning shrines that empower monsters, while Nemesis modifies rare monsters for a more challenging battle.

For more on 1.0's changes, including the expanded Act 3, head over to the Path of Exile release feature round-up . Alternatively, check out the massive patch notes set to drop with the update. Path of Exile 1.0 is set to go live today, from 6pm BST.

Phil Savage
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