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Overwatch is finally adding game replays

Overwatch is finally adding one of its most-requested features: a replay system that will let players watch recordings of their past games. 

The new feature, which is now in testing on the Overwatch PTR, will let players view their 10 most recent matches in their entirety from any perspective. Like similar replay systems from other games, you can speed up or slow down the action, and control the camera so you have a first-person, third-person, or bird's-eye view of the action.

The replay system will also let you use a map overlay similar to the one used during Overwatch League matches. You can also place (and bookmark) static cameras if you want to watch the same spot across multiple games. 

Whether you want to study your past games to improve your play, or just get a sweet angle on that perfectly-placed Pulse Bomb highlight, these replay tools are a welcome addition to Overwatch.