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New Prey gameplay trailer demonstrates the value of turning into a coffee cup

It came to light a couple of weeks ago that Prey will give you the ability to transform into a coffee cup. Why would you want to do that? To get into small places, obviously! Coffee cups don't have legs, you say? Right, well, just watch this new gameplay trailer out of Gamescom to see how it's done. 

That is actually pretty clever, isn't it? I haven't seen this kind of action since that weird little bottle labeled "Drink Me." It does make me wonder what happens if you, in mug form, roll yourself off a table and smash into a thousand pieces, but perhaps that doesn't happen because you're not actually a mug, you just look like one. I'm sure all will be made clear in good time. 

There's a bit of an Alien: Isolation vibe to the look, says one observer in the PC Gamer office, but I'm getting more of a System Shock 2 feel from it. And despite the fact that there's no connection between the new Prey and the original, the zero-G bit at the end reminds me just a tiny little bit of those outside-the-ship views in the first game, like an almost imperceptible hat-tip.

Prey is set to come out sometime in 2017. You can dig deeper into what's coming in our Prey coverage from Quakecon.

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