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Miegakure trailer explains how to walk through walls using the 4th Dimension

Yup. This is... well... it's an example of the systems underlying the game Miegakure . I definitely understand it all.

What do you mean explain it? Um... Just watch the video.

Right. So. As a character who can only experience two dimensions will find it disorientating to travel in the third; a character who can only experience three dimensions will find it disorientating to travel in the fourth. Beyond which, my brain starts to hurt and I need a lie down. I'll let the game's website explain further:

"Your ability to move in the fourth dimension in addition to the usual three allows you to perform miraculous feats like walk through walls, see inside closed buildings, steal objects from closed containers, make object seemingly float in mid-air, bind two separate rings without breaking them, etc...

"In this game the fourth dimension is not time. While time can be thought of as a dimension in its own right, it functions differently than the first three spatial dimensions, in the sense that we perceive it to always be moving forward, for example."

Er. Yes .

Here's an earlier trailer for the game. It's all physics up in.

Phil Savage
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