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Latest Devil Daggers world record survives hell for ten minutes

Devil Daggers 2

Even though Devil Daggers appears to be set in some Lovecraftian hellscape, people are eager to stick around for as long as they can. Case in point is DraQu, whose world record run is embedded above. He manages to survive for a record 612.4779 seconds (or a bit over ten minutes), which is roughly seven seconds longer than the current leaderboard runner-up.

It's fun to watch Devil Daggers played well, because it shows stuff that I'll never see myself as a godawful player (I think my record hovers around the ten seconds mark). With that said, there are spoilers in the video, if that concerns you.

For a bit of context, here's the leaderboards at the time of writing. DraQu has held the top position since March 2, and it looks like they might keep it for a while yet. Last time we checked back in February, Bonecarver's world record was 485 seconds.

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Shaun Prescott
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