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King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition gets a trailer, despite no official announcement

I'm starting to think of Steam as a giant warren through which millions of people are crawling. In the writhing mass of bodies, somebody will eventually dig their way into a secret tunnel, and the rest will follow to see what's hidden inside. SNK Playmore's 2D beat-'em-up King of Fighters XIII had already been unearthed alongside a giant list of Steam Database entries . That revelation was dampened by the fact that the Steam Database isn't the most accurate signifier of upcoming releases. This discovery is more promising: a trailer on the Steam video page for a PC release of the game.

Instead of the usual detailed info, the video is simply tagged KOF13SE_OP. So, King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition, then. And maybe it will be OP? Someone having gone to the effort of creating a trailer is a strong sign that a release is coming, and last month it was reported by DSO Gaming that players had been spotted testing the game.

Beat-'em-up fans are getting well served on PC at the moment: KoF13 joining a growing list of brawlers available on the platform, which now includes Mortal Kombat and the various Street Fighter IV iterations. Can we have Soul Calibur and Blazblue next, please?

Update: The trailer has been removed. Good job YouTubers did their thing:

Thanks, Shoryuken (via VG247 ).

Phil Savage
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