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Kerbal Space Program update 1.0.5 adds sea landings, gives Val a face plate

Kerbal Space Program

You'll soon be able to land on the sea in Kerbal Space Program, an action that would have once led to a miserable, water-based death. Update 1.0.5 lets you make an emergency landing on the sea; you can also make vehicles able to take off and land from water like it's no big thing.

Other additions include a face plate for Val, the happy Kerbal on the start screen, so she can finally stop holding her breath while floating around out there in the vast expanse of space. Val, it's OK, you can breathe out now. Val. Val? Oh dear. Someone get a bin bag. Plus, the thermal system has been revamped! And lots more stuff.

There's no date for the patch yet, but it's expected soon. YouTuber Scott Manley has been given an early look: