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Kerbal Space Program to enter 'beta' with next patch


Kerbal Space Program's next update will be an important milestone along its development path. Not because of what it contains (we don't really know yet), but because of what it represents. In a post on the game's forum, SQUAD's Felipe Falanghe explains that, after more than three years of alpha development, KSP is almost ready to be in 'beta'.

"The next update will mark a big milestone for us at Squad," Falanghe writes, "as it is the last update focused on Career Mode. After the next release, Kerbal Space Program will reach an internal milestone we call 'Scope Complete'.

"It means KSP now has all the features we considered vital to be in the game that we designed so many years ago. It doesn’t mean the game has everything we want it to have, it means everything we considered necessary for it to be Kerbal Space Program exists, even if only in a minimal form."

After the update, which will be numbered 0.90.0 to mark the beta transition, the game's development will shift to improving and further implementing the game's existing features and systems. Two desired improvements have already been revealed: more realistic aerodynamics, and deep space refueling.

For more, head to Falanghe's forum post, where he includes an FAQ on the beta transition.

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