Kerbal Space Program gets second official mod

Kerbal Asteroid Day

Yes, I know. This is old. The Asteroid Day official mod for Kerbal Space Program was released for Asteroid Day, which was two whole days ago. As an act of contrition, I have consigned myself to the shame barrel. It is dark and damp in here.

Asteroid Day is a global awareness movement focused on protecting Earth from asteroid attacks, presumably because a lot of people saw the film Armageddon and—so moved were they by Bruce Willis's nuanced performance—their priorities were indelibly rewritten. In celebration for the day, and presumably because asteroids are a thing in space, the developers of Kerbal Space Program released a new official mod for their game.

The mod adds four new parts, a new experiment and a "unique contract". The contract is based around the B612 Foundation's planned Sentinel mission. The job is to position a telescope around Eve’s orbit. "When deployed with an antenna and a power source between Eve and Kerbin, aligned to face away from the Sun, and activated," explain SQUAD, "the telescope will begin to map the orbit of the outer planet in a 200° vision cone for passing asteroids." Sounds like a piece of cake.

This is the second official mod for Kerbal Space Program. The first was based on the World Cup.