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Ironclad Tactics trailer shows civil war robotics, pre-order details


The nice thing about the new trailer for Ironclad Tactics is that I can watch it without my brain trying to shut down from the stress of what it's being shown. That wasn't the case with Zachtronics Industries' last game, SpaceChem. But then, rather than a puzzler that revels in its exponential increase in complication, Ironclad Tactics is a card-based civil war battler. With robots.

The game is due out on 18th September, and pre-orders have been made available through the official site's Humble widget . That'll net you a mandatory Steam key, to be redeemed on the day of release. In addition, the "Extra! Extra! Bundle" is also offering a pricier way to support the creator, with a mixture of physical and digital bonuses available, including SpaceChem and its DLC expansion.

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