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How to copy your game saves to multiple machines

Cloud saving

Annoyed by the way games store their save files in different places all over your PC? Want access to your savegames no matter what PC you're using? Now there's a way. Used in combination, the free applications Game Save Manager and Dropbox will allow you to set up your own cloud saving system that backs up your game saves online and gives you access to them on the move.

Game Save Manager will find the many save game files buried in your PC's file directories and back them all up to one handy location. Dropbox gives you a free space to store and share files online. The great thing is that Game Save Manager can synch with Dropbox, automatically uploading your game saves to your online Dropbox account, letting you access them at any PC with an internet connection.

It's a great solution if you play games on multiple PCs, and keeping your game saves online ensures that even if your hard drive catches fire and explodes, all those hours of gaming progress will be safe. Game Save Manager can be downloaded for free from their official site, and you can grab Dropbox from here .

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