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Here's the Witcher trailer rap you were no doubt waiting for

Netflix have released the first trailer for their show based on The Witcher books and already an enterprising nerdcore MC has put his Geralt-themed verses over the top of it. English rapper Dan Bull combines his track The Bestiary with the footage of Henry Cavill looking grim, rapping through a list of Geralt's monstrous foes like it's time for the Pokemon rap, only with alghouls instead of articuno.

Dan Bull is also responsible for a Borderlands 2 track that gave us the phrase "Vault Hunter S. Thompson". Which is pretty good, although he's no Mega Ran.

As for Bull's Witcher-themed rap, it sums up Geralt of Rivia with the memorable phrase, "Imagine Guybrush Threepwood meets Clint Eastwood."

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