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Guild Wars 2's Entanglement update launches today

An ancient evil has awakened. That's pretty much par for the course in MMOs. Almost everything is an ancient evil. That tree? Probably an ancient evil. That NPC? Yup, ancient evil. The crafting economy? Definitely an ancient evil. It's time to add another to the list: at the heart of Season 2 of Guild Wars 2's Living World is an ancient evil that's now terrorising the Maguuma Wastes, and the new zone of Dry Top. That story continues with the Entanglement update, due out later today.

"The lethal, fast-growing vines that have plagued the Brisban Wildlands have begun to spread," reveals ArenaNet's press release. "Word reaches you of trouble in the town of Prosperity, where the asuran prodigy Taimi was left alone to research the threat. Get back to Prosperity, meet up with Braham, and check in on Taimi."

If those names mean nothing to you, it'll be because you haven't yet played the season's first episode. If you log in before the new episode's release, the previous episode's story will be saved to your 'journal'—available, for free, to replay whenever. If not, previous episodes will be available to buy via the game's real-money Gem Store.

In addition to the continuing story, the zone of Dry Top will continue to expand and change. ArenaNet are promising new secrets to be found, and new rewards for completing the update's achievements and events.

Phil Savage
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