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GalCiv 3 gets Steam Workshop support, new maps

GalCiv maps

GalCiv 3's ship editor is a great device for adding more guns, and then—later on—even more guns. Apparently it can also be used to design actual ships that aren't just a tower of ever-increasing guns. That's according to the not-gun-ships now available for download via the 4X sequel's new Steam Workshop page.

The Workshop integration comes courtesy of the 1.1 patch, which is now live. "Players can easily share their ship designs and custom factions with other Galactic Civilizations III players," explains Stardock. "There are already over 400 new ship designs and custom factions available for download today on Steam Workshop!" One of them appears to be a Guy Fieri faction. Thanks, mods!

Also new, a map-pack DLC called The Map Pack DLC. It includes eight new maps, ranging from 2v2 arenas to huge, 18-player galaxies. There's also a new Map Pack editor that lets you create your own piece of space to then invade and conquer. It's available for £4/$5.

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