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Football Manager 2016 is out, and there's a demo

Football Manager header 1

Football Manager is a game about being a football manager, i.e. the person that looks after all the footballs, making sure they're the right shape, colour and size. I'm definitely correct, but if you have any reason to doubt my understanding of Sega's long-running management sim, you can now try a demo of their latest game.

Their latest game being Football Manager 2016, which has just come out, despite only being announced a couple of months ago. Here it is on Steam, tempting you with its outyness, and if you want to try the demo it's there too.

Opinions about this latest FM are ranging from 'it's pretty much the same' to 'it's much better' to 'it's a bit worse than the last one', and if you're still happily entrenched in the previous game, £35 seems a pricey upgrade.

If you've been kicking about in the beta, and were wondering how to upgrade to the full game, all you need to do is "quit and restart Steam and your game will automatically update to the full version. Any career progress you made during the Beta can be carried forward when your game is finished updating," Sega says.