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F.lux update adds new features and better performance with games

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If you are using f.lux—and you should be—there is an update available that makes an already great program even better. The developers focused on improving performance with games while adding a whole bunch of new features.

F.lux is on our list of recommended programs to install right away when building or buying a new PC. It takes some getting used to, but if you stick it out, you may find (like we did) that it really does improve sleep and prevent headaches by warming your display to match your indoor lighting as the sun goes down. More recently, this same concept has been applied to mobile devices, such as Night Mode on iOS.

In any event, we really like f.lux, and version 4 is a pretty big upgrade. It now features an improved, resolution-independent interface (for high DPI displays), and DisplayLink (USB adapter) is supposed work in a lot more cases, according to the changelog.

To get started, version 4 offers presets to help adjust your settings. There is also a bedtime mode to help you get ready for sleep, and specific color filters for eyestrain and other uses.

In addition, you can now configure f.lux to turn itself off automatically for certain apps, as well as have it automatically disable for fullscreen content.

The new version is available to download here.

Paul Lilly

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