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Epic is launching a $100,000,000 grant program for games and other software

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Epic CEO Tim Sweeney announced today that Epic is launching a $100,000,000 "no strings attached" grant program for games and other software that use the Unreal Engine. Or that don't, in the end. It's no strings attached.

Throughout the five-year program, called Epic MegaGrants, Epic will look for game, film, enterprise, and open source projects that it thinks are interesting, and write checks for $5,000 to $500,000. The projects don't have to release on the Epic Store, and there are no other stipulations.

"All grant recipients will continue to own their IP and will be free to publish however they wish," reads the press release. "Submissions will be evaluated, and grants awarded, on a continual rolling basis as funds allow, with no firm deadlines to submit."

Interested parties can apply at

Tyler Wilde

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