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EA confirm remasters of classic Command & Conquer games won't have microtransactions

Electronic Arts producer Jim Vessella has been answering questions on Reddit regarding the Command & Conquer remasters they recently teased. There's not a lot of information in the thread, but then this is a project that's probably a couple of years away and still in the planning stages. However, in response to one question Vessella confirmed that "We will not be adding any microtransactions to a C&C Remaster."

Which is nice. Not much else of interest was said, with Vessella instead asking questions of the fans about what they'd like to see. "Would you want to see updated balancing or a more robust UI?" he wrote. "For example, would you want to see the C&C3 style tabs and unit selection sidebar in one of the classic games?" 

Balancing was a concern for several fans, who are worried that new versions of the classic games would be altered to make them more esports-friendly. "Should the balance stay the same as the classic versions, or should we rebalance it to make them more appropriate?" Vessella asked.

Jody Macgregor
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