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Divinity: Original Sin gets slight delay, extra time being used to add voice acting

The Divinity games have always been appealing in an adorable, slightly hokey and tongue-in-cheek way, but Original Sin is something else: a mixture of Diablo-style co-op adventuring and unprecedented, Ultima VII-esque environmental interaction. It's a game with terrific promise, and I can only hope that the final release lives up to it. Thankfully, we don't have too long to wait to find out - while Larian's Kickstarted RPG was due to launch on June 20th, it's been pushed back by ten days to allow the team to add voice-acting to the game. A video update, below, explains this decision.

Not every piece of dialogue will be accompanied by voice acting - in the interests of Larian ever finishing the game, it's been restricted to between-NPC banter and observations by your character as you poke around. It's still nice to be able to get a sense for these characters through their delivery, however, providing the voice acting is up to snuff of course. I'm not particularly worried about this happening - Larian are using the same studio that did the voices for Dragon Commander, as seen in the above video, and they appear to be doing a bang-up job.

Divinity: Original Sin will now launch June 30th, if you hadn't already done the math(s). Head here for Craig's thoughts on the Early Access version.