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Dirty Bomb has a new long-range merc


What is it with Australians and shooting people from far away in first-person video games? Redeye, the new merc for the free-to-play Dirty Bomb, isn't the first Aussie* to put eye-to-sight in an online battlefield.

Redeye carries a semi-automatic Grandeur SR that boasts a strong rate of fire and deadly stopping power. Also, there's smoke. His grenades can provide cover for teammates, and, with his IR goggles, he can highlight enemies and spot invisible Phantoms.

Also he has a Kukri, which... yeah.

I haven't played Dirty Bomb yet, but Andi's beta review had good things to say about the game. Evan, too, thinks you should be playing it.

*Okay, yes, technically TF2's Sniper is from New Zealand. That is now cannon.

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