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Dawn of War 3's Endless War begins now

Today sees the launch of Dawn of War 3’s biggest update: Endless War. New multiplayer maps, extra Elites, more skins and a whole bunch of additional multiplayer options—that should keep you pretty busy.  

First off are the new Elites.

For the Space Marines, there’s the Ironclad Dreadnought, a super-strong mech unit that can create massive seismic slams, unleash a barrage of grenades and create tremors that knock back lines of enemies. The Orks get Da Snagwagon, a troop transport with powerful crowd control abilities and attacks that give it a bit of extra mobility. Finally, the Eldar get the psyker, Wraithseer Kayduin, who can immolate enemies and knock them around with psychic attacks while empowering allies. 

There are new cosmetics, too. You’ll be able to nab the Primaris Chaplain skin for Diomedes, new Terminator skins, the Salamander Ironclad Dreadnought and some new clobber for Kyre, including a traditional Farseer helmet. 

Probably the most important new additions, however, are the new multiplayer maps. You’ll be able to duke it out in 1v1 matches in the Eldar’s Shrine of Asuryan, team up in 2v2 in the sandy serpent graveyard known as Serpent Chasm, and fight in 3v3 scraps in Da Extractor, an Ork fuel rig stuck in the middle of the ocean.

You can take a closer look at them in their spotlight videos below. 

New Multiplayer Options include the ability to toggle Elites, Doctrines and super faction abilities, turning them on or off, adding a bit more diversity to custom matches. And all of this, including the new maps and Elites, is part of the free update. 

Endless War is out now. 

Fraser Brown
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