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Codemasters resurrecting Dizzy, egg puns hard to ovoid

It looks as though Codies are bringing back everyone's favourite sentient egg from the 1980s, Dizzy. Codemasters comms director Rich Eddy has been teasing the announcement on Twitter , linking to a teaser site and the teaser video above. In case there was any doubt that it's a Dizzy announcement, the video shows a man rescuing a copy of Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk from a warehouse and blowing the dust off the cover. Symbolism!

Eddy says "we'll name the date for #EggmergenceDay tomorrow." Hopefully it'll also be coming to PC. I confess that I only played one Dizzy game, and I barely remember it because I was about five. Did you play the original series? What would you like to see from a Dizzy revival?

Tom stopped being a productive human being when he realised that the beige box under his desk could play Alpha Centauri. After Deus Ex and Diablo 2 he realised he was cursed to play amazing PC games forever. He started writing about them for PC Gamer about six years ago, and is now UK web ed.