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The cheapest gaming keyboard (that's still decent)

Here's a budget plank that can compete with the best of them.

Every gamer needs a keyboard. Actually, scratch that—every gamer needs a great set of keys. Although it’s easy to point at something pricey and see its merits, we want to see how cheap we can go and still get something decent.

First, we set some guidelines: the keyboard should offer mechanical switches suitable for gaming. We know that some gamers actually prefer membrane keyboards but as of right now, the most sought after models are all mechanical.

Second, the keyboard needs to be reliable. A gaming keyboard needs to stand up to abuse and the rigors of obsessive gaming. Long hours, dirt, accidental spills and crumbs, you name it, it needs to be able to take it.

Third, it needs to be cheap. There's an ocean of gaming keyboards out there, sometimes it just feels like there are too many choices. Of course, a keyboard, like a mouse, is personal (and here are the best gaming mouse choices for you). Everyone's different and everyone wants a different feel. But also, everyone wants affordability.

So after going through a pool of both expensive and cheap keyboards, we found an el-cheapo model that we think is superb. And it only costs $24—a perfect compliment to the ultra cheap but still decent gaming mouse we found. And if you're looking to spend a little more money... here are the best gaming keyboard options right now.

The cheapest gaming keyboard

The cheapest gaming keyboard

  • Cheap
  • Otemu Blue mechanical switches
  • Compact, Ten-keyless formfactor
  • No number pad
  • Only available with Blue switches
  • No extra features and backlights (a pro for some)
  • Rubber feet could use more stability
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