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Cargo Commander: a sci-fi roguelike that turns the genre on its head

The recently released Cargo Commander is what happens when Spelunky crash-lands into FTL. It's a sidescrolling roguelike-like-like with randomly generated levels, destructible environments, online leaderboards, and the Dark Souls-ish ability to "loot the dead corpses of other players' vain attempts at beating your score". So to sum up: it echoes Spelunky, FTL and Dark Souls - yep, this seems like something we might enjoy.

You can scavenge Cargo Commander now for under £6 on Steam , but you'll probably be wanting a video to dissect first. Thankfully, devs Serious Brew have rustled one up in the form of the amusing Letters to Dad trailer, which shows the game in an agreeably anti-grav light.