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Captain Forever Remix announced, is a licenced re-imagining of Captain Forever

Re-releases, remakes and HD upgrades are nothing new, but Captain Forever Remix is attempting something different. As the title suggests, it's a remix: an officially licenced re-imagining of Farbs' excellent spaceship construction roguelike Captain Forever .

In Captain Forever, you traveled a top-down side-on , er, space is confusing, 2D galaxy, battling ships and then scavenging their parts—using the Lego-like building bits to upgrade and improve.

For the remix? Much the same. "Dean and Brian approached Farbs a little while back about making Captain Forever Remix, and he loved the idea," explain the developers in their press release. "The plan is for Remix to remain true to all of the gameplay elements that made Forever and Successor so incredibly unique and charming, and expand on it in ways that don't break the magic formula."

Currently there are no screenshots or trailers, so exactly how the developers plan to remix the game isn't quite clear. If you'd like an idea of how it'll play, you can play the original Captain Forever for free .

Captain Forever Remix is due out later this year. Keep up to date with its progress through the Pixelsaurus development blog .

Phil Savage
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