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Call of Duty: Ghosts patch lowers 6GB RAM requirement, adds e-sports features

Previously, I'd assumed Call of Duty: Ghosts' heavy RAM requirement was there because loading a nice dog was a memory intensive procedure. Either that's not the case or canine computer tech is becoming increasingly advanced, because a new multiplayer patch has lowered the game's 6GB RAM restriction. Now you'll only need 4GB of memory juice to access the multiplayer portion, which should naturally mean more dogs chewing on more throats. Hooray?

The exact purpose of the update isn't entirely clear, with Infinity Ward planning to release the official patch notes later today . What the community have found is that, not only is the game mysteriously less RAM intensive, but that the e-sports features - originally thought to appear as part of the next MLG Championship - have made an early appearance.

Both Blitz and Search & Destroy modes have been updated with hard-coded rulesets, available to use in private matches. Players are also given the ability to set weapon, equipment and perk restrictions while using the e-sports functionality. In addition, a Broadcaster mode provides access to a new set of camera tools, including first-person, third-person and over-the-shoulder viewing modes.

Thanks, MP1st .

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