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Borderlands 3 mods include trainer, lvl 50 characters, and one that turns it into Limbo

Borderlands 3 has been out for long enough that a mod scene is starting to emerge. Early mods include the kind of thing you might expect for a Borderlands game—a trainer that lets you modify your stats and drop rate, as well as give yourself infinite health and ammo, as well as save files for various characters at level 50, and an intro-skipper if the tried-and-tested method of renaming the video files doesn't work for you.

What's less expected is the mod—really just a reshade preset—that does away with the UI and gives Borderlands 3 the moody black-and-white vibe of 2010 indie darling Limbo. Suddenly, the looter-shooter looks arty and meaningful. There are no floating damage numbers, but there's also no HUD of any kind.

The other surprising addition to Borderlands 3's nascent collection of available mods is the one that replaces all those propaganda videos with YouTube classic Brodyquest by Neil Cicierega.

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