Borderlands 2 gets new character, increased level cap and fourth expansion teaser

Borderlands 2 received a big DLC info-dump at PAX East this weekend. First up, the game's sixth playable character has been introduced. His name is Krieg the Psycho. He seems nice. Primarily a melee class, Krieg's skill-trees are Bloodlust (combat buffs), Hellborn (fire-based elemental attacks), and Mania (er, being manic?)

The Psycho pack is due in May, and will cost $9.99. Before that, on April 2nd, Gearbox will release the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade. It's a $4.99 DLC pack that ups the level cap from 50 to 61, enabling a third playthrough in "Ultimate Vault Hunter mode."

Finally, Gearbox teased the fourth DLC expansion, Bunkers and Badasses. It looks to be Tiny Tina heavy, as seen in this brilliant teaser, captured by Polygon .

Thanks, Joystiq .