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BioShock: The Collection rated for PC


The Brazilian Advisory Rating Board has revealed another game. Or rather, a collection of games that have been on PC for ages now, so it's not nearly as dramatic as that Quantum Break PC leak the other day. They've rated some mysterious object named BioShock: The Collection for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and I am just mystified as to what it could be.

OK so it's obviously a current-gen re-release of the excellent BioShock 2 and two other games, something that could mean a lot less for PC buyers than it would for people that buy the hypothetical bundle on PS4 or Xbox One. For one, the three BioShocks have been collected before now, and for another one, the PC has enjoyed prettier and more technically proficient versions of all three games since day one.

There's always the possibility that 2K will further enhance the games for PC though, perhaps with nicer textures or lighting effects, or with a new final boss for the original game that isn't completely ludicrous. We'll know for sure when BioShock: The Collection is either confirmed or denied by 2K—the Brazilians have it pegged for release this year.