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Battlefield 5 introduces War in the Pacific with an intense trailer

Battlefield 5 is heading to the Pacific next week in a free update for all players, but in the meantime you can slap your eyes on the smashing, bloodthirsty trailer above. 

I pretend I'm too good for cinematic trailers, but that one was a doozy. 

DICE has crammed a fair amount into this update, including Pacific Storm, a paradise in peril, as well as modern versions of the classic Iwo Jima and Wake Island maps. The return of the latter especially exciting, though you won't be able to fight over the horseshoe until December. 

War in the Pacific will give you two new factions to fight with, the US Armed Forces and the Imperial Japanese Army, accompanied by a list of new weapons that includes katanas and M2 Flamethrowers, both of which you'll need to pick up mid-battle. 

You'll be able to ride around in M4 Sherman tanks, shoot enemies out of the sky in the Japanese Zero Fighter and customise your vehicles further with additional branches in the specialisation trees. 

Expect new Elites—coming after launch—more chapter rewards like weapons, outfits, skins and special assignments, and weekly challenges that let you unlock stuff like the mean barbed wire bat. It's not standard issue.  

War in the Pacific will start on October 31. Battlefield 5 has been hosting a series of free weekend trials, too, and on November 1 everyone will be able to try out the update, with the trial ending on November 4. 

Fraser Brown
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