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Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth trailer shows explosive action, jet-ski escapes

I've been falling down an Arma hole recently, and so my initial reaction to this video was one of alarm. Driving tanks into the path of an oncoming train? Absconding with a flag while riding a jet-ski? Running willy-nilly into the incoming fire of your enemies? Riding a digger ?! That's not how you do a war. Of course, that's also not the point. The point: to be a loud and explosive playground filled with destructive possibility. If this trailer's two minutes of action are anything to go by, the Dragon's Teeth DLC could be a success in that regard.

Then again, Battlefield 4 is a game that always looks better in montage – especially in the engineered situations of DICE's trailer. There are times when playing the game feels as exciting and daring as what's depicted, but they rarely last long before an inevitable death and respawn. After all, Battlefield 4 is as much about attrition as action.

Dragon's Teeth is, as you might have guessed, set in Chine, and is the infantry-focused expansion of Battlefield's post-launch content. If you're a Premium subscriber, Dragon's Teeth is out now. For the rest of us, it drops in two weeks, on 29 July.

Phil Savage
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