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Battlefield 3 single player campaign will be around six to ten hours long

Battlefield 3 - blue soldier

Blues News have spotted an interview with DICE's Patrick Soderlund in which the dev gives a rough estimate for the length of the Battlefield 3 single player campaign. Speaking to Grey Viper , Soderlund said "I don't have a number for you... yet, 'cause the game is not done yet, and I don't want to... To me the game can be anything from six, seven, eight, to ten hours, depending on what we net out once we're done.

"I think the most important thing for me is that the game delivers upon a consumer experience that we're happy with, and then, that will then... that's how we look at it, and that will tell how long the game is."

Of course, for many Battlefield fans, the meat of the game will be the multiplayer, which was shown for the first time at this year's E3. You can read Tim's hands-on impressions here , or watch the Operation Metro multiplayer trailer to get an idea of how that's shaping up. DICE also showed eight minutes of tank-based single player action at the EA conference.

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